Vineyards & wine cellars

Something for all senses

While the Nahe valley is among the smallest wine regions of Germany, it features many different soils. As a result, there is a huge variety in tastes, reflecting the various soils on which the vines are grown.

These unique soil conditions, the mild climate with ample sunshine and the passion of the local vine growers have made the Nahe valley one of the top wine regions in the country. Especially the Riesling wines produced here have an excellent name.

Local vine growers will accompany you through their vineyards, telling you all about the fascinating history of vine production in the Nahe valley that dates back at least 2000 years. Spend a few hours in great company, enjoying the good life.

Perfect for all bon vivants

Wine connoisseurs, people who always wanted to know how good wine is made, and all who just want to spend time in good company, walking through lush vineyards and having a few glasses in an ancient wine cellar – they all will be delighted with our trip. If you want to let your employees or long-term business partners know that you appreciate them, we have the perfect event for you.

Together with our partners Oenologen-Refugium Dr. Hubert Gänz the vine growers of the Franz-Karl Kruger vineyards in Guldental and Weingut Gebr. Kauer in Windesheim, we have devised a range of programmes that focus on all things to do with wine.

What we can offer you:

  • Leisurely walk through the vineyards, with vintner's lunch and surprise delicacies inspired by wine served outdoors
  • Wine and sparkling wine tasting in the vineyard or at our hotel, with an interesting presentation on how wine is produced
  • Walking, wine tasting & traditional Winzervesper (vintner's lunch) – Join us on a walk through the beautiful landscape of the Nahe valley  and enjoy all the good things in life.

We are sure that just reading these few lines has whetted your appetite ...