Conference rooms

Lots of space for concentrated work

Depending on the number of people to attend your conference or seminar, and the type of your event, you can choose from 18 rooms that come with all modern technology and can be arranged to suit your needs.

The seating you choose will depend mainly on the character of the event. Experience shows that events such as strategy meetings, where interaction and exchange between the participants is a key factor, are best held around a U-shaped table or in open-square seating. Parliament seating with tables on the other hand is the preferred option for lectures and training sessions where participants wish to take notes. For presentations and speeches, we recommend row seating. Talk to us – and we will devise the best seating arrangements for your event.

What our conference rooms have to offer

  • Large conference centre (6 rooms with adjustable partitions and a total floor space of 500 sqm, catering for up to 200 persons)
  • Creative and seminar centre (8 rooms, catering for groups from 5 to 30 people, with separate foyer and outdoor terrace)
  • Executive Meeting Room
  • Workshop centre (rooms 16-18) with private break room
  • Air-conditioned conference rooms (rooms 1 to 6 and 9 to 18)
  • Eye-friendly lighting
  • Large windows letting in ample daylight
  • Summer terrace for coffee breaks
  • WIFI in all conference rooms, public areas and hotel rooms

Choose the room that matches your event

To plan your conference, you first of all need to know how many people will be attending.

To assist you in organising your event, we have devised floor plans of our conference rooms, including information on capacity, equipment and technical facilities.

Raumplan der Tagungsräume im Tagungshotel

Room capacities at a glance

Download conference brochure

RoomFloor space/dimensionsmax. capacity (people)Price per day
Rooms 1 to 6 (with sliding partition walls for various room combinations)72 to 500 sqm W 6–18 m / L 12–26.50 m / H 3 m25 (U-shape table) max. 420 (row seating)€ 250 per room € 1,600 as large room, combining rooms 1 to 6 and stage area
Rooms 7, 9 and 1048 sqm W 6.50 m / L 7.50 m / H 3.50 m15 (U-shape table) max. 30 (row seating)€ 150
Room 8 Executive Room28 sqm W 4.50 m / L 6.50 m / H 3 m12 (oval)€ 100
Rooms 11 and 1278 sqm W 7.40 m / L 10.50 m / H 3 m25 (U-shape table) max. 40 (row seating)€ 250
Rooms 13 to 15, 17 and 1824 sqm W 4 m / L 6 m / H 3.50 m10 to 12 (block seating)€ 100
Room 1672 sqm W 6 m / L 12 m / H 3 m20 (U-shape table) max. 35 (row seating)€ 250